Superwoman Louise Pierre.

I still can’t believe that I’ve lost a stone after completing the @thesupermanfast.

What I loved about this is that I learnt so much about myself and how when I put my mind to something I can achieve anything.

I also love that it isn’t a faddy diet it’s a life style and about how we view and use food to fuel or abuse our bodies.

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Superman Lindz Taylor Journey
90 Days ❌ 30 Days ❌
13 days! ✅ of Superman Fast.
Opportunity to completely reset my health, be a good role model for my kids and turning 40 next month.
13.7 Stone, 29% BMI, 38 inch Waist – Overweight / Clothes don’t fit. Drink & Eat Over Abuse.
12.2 stone, 23-24% BMI, 34-35 inch Waist – Underweight, ALL CLOTHES FIT.
4-5km each day & evening workout. Good skin / Great sleep. Mentally stronger clarity.
Clean of toxins / No booze, fags or tablets. Spiritually good & happy.
Day 1 – 5
Was intense. Vivid dreams & Up at 4am. No food / Kure oxygen water.
Day 3 – 5
Acid reflux & First time no tablets. 2litres + water & unbelievable energy.
Day 6 – 8
Homemade juice – OH MY DAYS250ml lasted me an hr.
Day 9 – 11 Salad/ Fruits
23 minutes to eat & Amazing
Day 11 – 12
Grass fed organic chicken/ salmon & veg. ATE TOO MUCH, felt bloated. 
A reminder of how overeating feels like.
Day 13
Really tasted food like never before. Appreciated my body, mind & spirit. BREATHING MUCH CLEARER.
No booze, No Fags, No sugars and No processed food..
Would I Do It Again?
Would I Recommend It?
Yes (just be mindful for the first 5 days)
Why I Enjoyed It
I discovered something very unique for myself which no diet or exercise has ever given.
Started a fresh on my health.

“Big thank you and love to True Hawks Spirit for bringing this onto my life. Get in touch with him, if you would love to do it. Also for Kelly Le Roc for making me do it”.

Loyan jogged for the first time and reached London Bridge in 36 minutes, which is normally an hour away back in June 2020.

Superwoman Loyan’s Story.

“I joined The Superman Fast back in June 2020, not wanting to lose weight but to improve my overall health and fitness. I was very sceptical. I’ve always been the trier, who tried to run or workout. During lockdown my gym closed and I’d only signed up in the summer of 2019; at my best I was struggling to run 3 – 4 kilometres, with loads of breaks in between and feeling very breathless. 

The Superman Fast reseted my body; during my fast, I jogged 8 – 9 kilometres TWICE!!!! The first one 80% jogging 20% walking and the second time non-stop within the hour; which for me, as an amateur jogger is a massive achievement. 

I never thought I was overweight but had my concerns in certain areas – as we all do. My clothes were feeling slightly on the tighter side but after the fast, my clothes felt comfortable or even loose. I had to add an extra 2 belt holes onto my belt! Overall I lost an inch of my waist, 28 down to 27; a total of 8pounds. 

To this day, I feel better and stronger than ever. 

I would like to say thank you to Hawks, who kept me motivated and kept pushing me to keep pushing myself; even though my body was aching top to bottom with the advance program I chose to do. I would highly recommend anyone to give it a go; you’ll probably miss fasting once it comes to an end, just like I do every day”.