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Life Changes – Life Support – Lifelong

Because we are always on the run and it’s difficult to keep ourselves in the right path, The Superman Fast has created an online programme to maintain you in shape day by day. With a support online community, The Superman Fast LIFE CARE PROGRAM, will give you the moral support, health tips, fitness routine and nutritional guidance to keep  you strong and healthy throughout the year.

In these new times of uncertainty, it’s good to have our health in check with regular guidance on what to do.

The Superman Fast LIFE CARE SUPPORT PROGRAM, incorporates training, meal plans and moral support to help you achieve and maintain your goals throughout the whole year.

This monthly programme can be purchased on a monthly basis (£20/month), a 6 month plan (first month is free) or on a year basis (3 months for free).

Signs You Need Someone To Support You

  • Yo-Yo Dieting, whatever pounds you lose, you quickly pile them back on
  • Digestive issues – Feeling Bloated more than 2 days per week
  • Feeling low and discouraged every time you join a new diet
  • Feeling lost in what direction to take with your weight – There is too much information out there, you need professional and accessible guidance
  • Headache
  • You feel unhappy with your looks and you want to change.. For real! 
  • You don’t like Gyms or you feel confused on what could really work for you and your image.

Benefits of Joining the LIFE CARE PROGRAM

  • You will start loving yourself since you will have guidance and a community where to see and show your progress
  • You will get achievable goals
  • A good kick-start to weight loss 
  • Improve your knowledge on what steps to tackle regarding your health, weight loss and overall appearance
  • Affordable method to be fit and feel good


The Superman Fast LIVE CARE PROGRAM Introduction

Weekly  – fitness and nutritional recommendations.

An online community to share your thoughts.

What’s Included

Diet regime, easy fitness videos to do from home or the gym, a weekly shopping List, weekly easy recipes and mentoring video support from True Hawks Spirit, creator of The Superman Fast.

Weekly check-ins via the online community.

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